Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation is the option we recommend if you want to know if your child has a Specific Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Executive Dysfunction, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or if you are unclear about your child’s learning needs. 

This evaluation combines cognitive, academic, and social-emotional assessments to provide a comprehensive overview of your child. Specific domains assessed typically include overall cognitive ability, language functioning, visual-spatial functioning, sensory-motor functioning, attention-executive functioning, learning-memory, reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as other areas geared toward your specific referral question (pragmatic social skills, Theory of Mind, etc.). 

We offer a collaborative process and involve you, your child, and other professionals in the assessment. The evaluation involves a thorough developmental and academic history, two half-day evaluation sessions with your child, and communication with your child’s teachers. Dr.’s Lindem and O’Brien are directly involved in each evaluation and have a long history of working collaboratively with parents, schools, and other educational and medical professionals that care for children.

For parents, we provide a one-to-one opportunity to discuss your main goals for your child’s evaluation, a clearly written assessment report, and comprehensive follow up. The report will contain specific recommendations for strategies to use at home and in school. 

An important step of your child’s evaluation is follow up. A follow up meeting is provided for parents to thoroughly review the assessment report, answer specific questions, discuss recommendations, and plan for next steps. Additional school consultation is available to share findings with your child’s educational team, and ongoing follow up is available to monitor your child’s progress over the next academic period.

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       The following additional services              are available:

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Reading,  Written Language or Math Skills*

  • Early Childhood Screening for Learning Disabilities*

  • Parent Consultation (e.g., Executive Functioning Skills & Strategies; Academic Planning & Transitions)

  • Record Review

  • School Visit/Observation

  • School Consultation
  • IQ Testing* (as a requirement for private school admission)

  • Workshops and Professional         Development

      * Included in the comprehensive                 neuropsychological evaluation

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