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Dr. Karen Conti Lindem and Dr. Sean Hyde O’Brien are licensed psychologists who have completed intensive post-doctoral training in Clinical Neuropsychology and have worked in a wide range of hospital, university, and therapeutic settings (most recently as director and staff of The Learning Lab @ Lesley University) prior to opening the Cambridge Center for Neuropsychology and Learning. They have collaborated on hundreds of cases together and provide a rare “Team Approach” to assessment, where both doctors will be personally involved in your care. 

Dr.’s Lindem and O’Brien use a comprehensive, integrative approach to Neuropsychological Assessment to evaluate a wide range of conditions including:

Reading, Writing, and Math Disorders
Attention/Executive Functioning Disorders
Autistic/Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Language-Based Learning Disorders
Communication and Language Disorders
Twice-Exceptional Learners (i.e., Gifted plus ADHD/LD)

Unlocking Learning Potential:

CCNL provides neuropsychological evaluations that take the mystery out of why learning may be a struggle for your child. We provide expert neuropsychological evaluation to address learning challenges from many angles.

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  • We believe that families benefit  when they fully understand how their child learns, so that they can be active participants in their child's pursuit of learning.

  • We believe that children should be helped to understand how they learn best, and what gets in the way of learning. In this way, they can become advocates for themselves.

  • We believe that sometimes children and families need more assistance than schools and other agencies may be able to provide.

We believe that we can help.

Guiding Principles
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